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~Was Hitler An Illuminati Agent?~


~Was Hitler a Zionist NWO Illuminati?~

Lessons from NGV.

I was filling up ngv at a remote Petronas petrol station near Air Hitam, Batu Pahat, Johor, when something happen. It was almost 11 pm and the station was about to close shop. Yes, it was a remote station because of its location that was about 100 km away from Air Keroh up north or Johor Bahru down south. If you are travelling the PLUS highway from Kuala Lumpur towards Johor Bahru or Singapore, and needs to top up ngv along the way, things is going to be quite sweaty after Air Keroh. That is because there is no other station that sells ngv except this one, and you need to switch to using petrol if the gas pressure gets pretty low before reaching this station. The anticipation that you might not get gas because the pump is faulty or whatever do not help to get you relax which is required when travelling the highway. The station is not an old one and is not a new one either. It has been there for a couple of years and it is still looking like new from the roadside if you are ju…

Know your facts.

30 years ago there were only 8000k Malaysian.
Today there are 28000k Malaysian.
Out of the 28000k, 26% are Chinese
and only 9% are Christians.


What the world needs now is love.
Sweet Love.

Change the world.

Many people want to change the world.
But not many want to change themself.

Know thye enemy.

You must know your enemy in order to defeat them.


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